birthday boyS! {40 and 8}


a visit with a favorite fam!

the boys and i enjoyed spending a few days with super great friends before school started in louisville. the weather was SO hot that we spent 2 afternoons at the pool. the high dive was a hit with the boys...it's amazing how they can spend hours doing the same thing over and over again {although i remember doing the same thing as a kid!}.
we are so grateful for friends like the michel's! i only wish they could be closer! so, i am hoping and praying that our kids can cross paths during the college years!


"there's nothing to do!"

another summer afternoon. . . what to do, what to do? the boys finally decided to fill their time with a water balloon fight. when i walked outside i was surprised to find such LARGE balloons. but really, whatever works to keep them busy is fine by me!


tennis anyone?

grant's lesson of choice this summer was tennis.


4th of July Parade

it's our annual tradition to go the the 4th of July parade. i don't really have any exciting pictures to share. just thought i would post the photo that grant took of our family. :)


Sandestin, FL

Rain. We had a lot of rain for our vacation to sandestin. But that just made the sunny days even more special and it didn't stop us from doing fun things in the rain! The most important part was being together with family. The boys LOVE being with their cousins--no matter what the activity! So a week together is super cool, in their book!

One of the best parts of the week was riding in the golf carts. Everywhere. For the most part, this was our main mode of transportation for the week. . .to the pool, to the beach, to the mall, to dinner and boy was it fun!
We spent plenty of time in the pool--only because of the rain--it was a bit easier to swim in the rain than be at the beach in the rain.

We were so grateful to be able to rent a home large enough for our whole family that was beautiful and in a great location. We enjoyed the wharf's many restaurants and shopping. The outlet mall was a great distraction on one of the rainy days. We managed to sneak in a few good bike rides too!

The last supper. . . hmmm, can you tell our last day was sunny and we spent WAAAAY too many hours at the beach? We kept lathering on the sunscreen, but just couldn't bring ourselves to leave the beautiful water, sand and those amazing waves. We all ended up a little pink but it was SO worth it!


Baseball 2010 - Cole

Cole had a super season play baseball this spring. The best part is that he had SOOO many friends from the neighborhood on his team! We loved to watch him hit. . .most of the time he was at-bat he hit it to the outfield!
The season ended with a little ice cream at Handel's! yummo! And of course there were trophys--given out by coach Greiwe!

This season Grant did not play baseball...instead we found him doing other interesting things!